I once heard that the most one can ask of a person is that they live their lives, as best as they can, according to their values. These are mine.

#1 Truth

Be honest even when it’s not easy. Especially when it’s not easy. Be truthful to yourself and with others. Value and promote transparency. Earn trust. Do what you say you will.

#2 Spirit

Commit wholeheartedly to everything you do. Give it your all - no more, no less. Rise to challenges without fear nor pride. Practice until perfect, don’t fake it til you make it. Own your successes and your mistakes. Be utterly humble, for true spirit implies knowing your limitations.

#3 Legacy

Be a part of something bigger than you. Be a link between those who came before and those who will come next. Be thankful to your seniors and patient with your juniors. Teach what you know. Leave things better than you found them.

#4 Curiosity

Always keep hungry. Learn. Look at situations from new angles. Ask people what they think, especially those who are most different from you. Speak less and listen more. Wonder. Press buttons just to see what they do.

#5 Playfulness

Approach new experiences as opportunities to find unexpected joy. Know that life is too short to take everything seriously. Play to express yourself, play to connect with others. Be a good winner. Be a good loser. Laugh at yourself.

#6 Kindness

Should everything else fail - be kind.