The app

Balance is an award-winning meditation app that offers an innovative and personalized experience to help users reduce stress, improve their sleep, and more. With a 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store and winning Google’s Best App of 2021 award, Balance uses an extensive audio library and daily questionnaires to create meditations tailored to each user’s experience, goals, and challenges. As users share more about their experiences, Balance’s meditations become even more personalized and effective.

Published by Elevate Labs, Balance allows users to choose between two expert meditation coaches who offer research-backed and relatable guidance. The app’s growing library of materials provides hand-picked daily recommendations featuring multi-day plans and singles that enhance moments in everyday life. Users can track their progress in essential meditation skills and enjoy innovative & interactive experiences like immersive meditations or interactive exercises.

My Contributions

I was part of the original team that launched Balance in 2019 and contributed in different aspects as Director of Product Engineering. Here’s a brief overview of my contributions to the project:

  • Designed an interactive framework and tooling to standardize the creation of 100+ meditation experiences (Lua, C++, Swift, Python).
  • Designed an asset versioning and delivery system (Python, Swift, AWS).
  • Developed an A/B testing framework from scratch (Ruby/Rails, SQL, LookML), including variant assignment and significance analysis.